MERCHANTS OF MENACE - The True Story of the Nugan Hand Bank Scandal

After thirty-five years on the run, one of the world’s most elusive corporate fugitives has been found.


In June 1980, following the mysterious death of Nugan Hand bank CEO, Frank Nugan, his New York-born business partner, Michael Hand, disappeared from a dank terrace in Sydney and hasn’t been seen since.


Author/filmmaker Peter Butt reinvestigates the notorious merchant bankers and their alleged links to drug traffickers, gun-running and the CIA.


In the process, he achieves what Interpol and the FBI failed to do. He uncovers Michael Hand’s new identity and traces the former CIA paramilitary officer-turned-rogue banker to a small town in the United States. You'll never guess what he's up to now!


Released November 2015

Dr BOGLE & Mrs CHANDLER - The Confession


The Bogle Chandler case is recognised in international forensic circles as one of the most baffling cold cases in the annals of crime.


It was New Year’s morning, 1963, when two bodies were discovered half-naked beside the Lane Cove River in Sydney, Australia. The victims were Dr Gilbert Bogle, a 38-year-old brilliant physicist and father of four children, and Mrs Margaret Chandler, a 28-year-old former nurse and mother of two young children. The police found nothing at the crime scene or on the bodies to suggest how they had died. Adding to the mystery was the bizarre manner in which they were covered.


Despite a protracted investigation, which drew on the expertise of international police and forensic agencies around the world, the coroner was unable to determine how the victims had met their fate. 


The author's award-winning film (2006) and (2102) book on the case uncovered explosive new evidence, which answered the mystery. This new updated edition brimming with original documents reveals for the first time the testimony of a witness to the deaths of Dr Bogle & Mrs Chandler. 


For Release July 2016