I, SPRY - The Rise & Fall of a Master Spy


Winner 2010 Australian Cinematographers’ Society (NSW) Gold Award for Dramatised Documentary, Calvin Gardiner ACS.

Finalist: 2011 Atom Awards


A beautifully atmospheric romp through the early years of ASIO when the Cold War was picking up pace and the communist threat was everywhere. 
Nick Galvin, SMH The Guide


Few directors are so astutely able to dramatise crucial moments of change in our social narrative with such cinematic verve. 
Graeme Blundell, Review, The Australian.


They say the past is this moment escaping, but there are elements of our recent history that seem to have escaped diligent analysis and this docu-drama from producer-writer-director Peter Butt rectifies the oversight.

I, Spry (c) Blackwattle Films