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Atomic Dreamland Podcast Series 


With the recent announcement of Australia’s acquisition of a fleet of nuclear powered submarines, it's time to reflect on Australia’s fraught nuclear history - from British nuclear testing, to top secret animal and human experiments and the secret push to construct its own nuclear weapons. Throughout the series you’ll hear from scientists, historians and ordinary citizens who tell of a small country fearful of its enemies, that dreamed of an atomic future, yet were beholden to and ultimately let down by its closest allies.


EP1. Ground Zero
00:00 / 23:39
EP2. Fallout
00:00 / 22:17
EP3. Spies and Bones
00:00 / 23:11
EP4. Push for the Bomb
00:00 / 20:46
EP5. Lifeboat
00:00 / 15:26

  Produced with the assistance of the

National Film & Sound Archive of Australia

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